Trees are lit up by a convoy of members of FEMA Urban Search and Rescue California Task Force 1 as they take over the Boy Scouts� Florida Seabase in a matter of hours to establish an operating base to respond to Hurricane Irma in Summerland, Florida. CREDIT: Sam Hodgson for The New York Times. 


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Photo by  Hilary Swift

Photo by Hilary Swift

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I’m a staff photojournalist at The San Diego Union-Tribune who specializes in investigations, documentary storytelling and daily assignment work. Before joining The U-T, I was a regular contributor to The New York Times. I consider myself a “true believer.” I know that independent, intelligent journalism is imperative for a free society.

I try to leave a mark on every assignment I shoot not only through the photos I deliver but also through helping guide the reporting process to show the impact on real people. I work closely with reporters and editors to make sure that we deliver journalism that is groundbreaking and impactful.

I spent most of 2016 covering the presidential election for The New York Times, traveling to 20 states and more than 80 cities. I was embedded on and off for months with the Bernie Sanders campaign at the height of his rise and traveled extensively covering both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump's bids for the White House. After Trump's election, I spent months covering the transition of power for the newspaper.

Before becoming a freelance photojournalist in 2011, I spent about five years working for the online, nonprofit news source Voice of San Diego. There, I was the sole staff photographer. I focused on documenting quality-of-life issues and underserved populations in San Diego.